lolCommute is a blog devoted to mocking the people who torment you on your commute to and from work by talking too loudly on their cell phone or to the person next to them. They deserve to be publicly chided for their hideous offense!

Here is how the game is played:

  1. Once someone annoys you by talking loudly on the phone take out your cell phone and discreetly snap a picture of them. (Hint: Turn the sound on your phone down so it doesn’t audibly click when you take a picture)
  2. Edit the picture with a funny caption like you would on lolCats or lolThulhu. Funny and/or clever language encouraged, no cursing please. You can also send the picture to me and tell me about your experience and I’ll edit it. Please blur out any recognizable face except the offender’s as those people have certainly suffered enough.
  3. Send this all in to me here and I’ll post it for everyone to see. Here is a quick link and handy way to ad lol to any photo. Be sure to mention which form of transportation you were on (i.e., SF Muni, NYC MTA, VTA).

See, simple easy and fun! Now go forth and unleash your wrath!


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